Friday, October 05, 2007

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

This puny little Copper Plant is finally beginning to show some interesting color. I guess it has not had enough whiskey or sunshine or something to get happy this summer.

A Baby Variegated Yucca

This is my first year to grow this variety of yucca. Cold weather is supposed to make the yellow stripes change to partial red streaks, so I look forward to seeing if that happens in this climate with this odd plant.

Hodge Podge Gumbo

If ever I saw a mixed mess of a flower bed, this is it. The recipe is simple: just plant a few different things and let them run hog wild.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright...In The Forest of The Night..

The aggressive new growth of this Bengal Tiger canna is very rude and pushy against one of my sago palms and will have to be transplanted. However, I like its bright striped variegated leaves at times, but I really dislike the strange orange color of its flowers and always cut them off.

Swaying In The Wind

One of the interesting features of Purple Fountain Grass is the way its tassels and leaves catch the slightest breeze and then the whole plant starts dancing.