Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Buds, Blooms, New Growth...Early Spring 3-5-08

Daffodil "California" and Pansies "Majestic Blue Giants II" Pansies "Purple Rain" and Purple Ornamental Cabbage Swiss Chard "Bright Lights" Red Stems Arundo Donax "variegata" New Growth Sweet Olive Bloom Variegated Confederate Jasmine Variegated Confederate Jasmine exposed to sun Magnolia Fuscata "Banana Shrub" Ajuga "Chocolate Chip" Ajuga "Caitlin's Giant" Tetrapanax "Rice Paper Plant"..Soon To Be Giant Leaves Oxalis Gold Vein Japanese Painted Fern "Ghost"


kate said...

I haven't heard of a Magnolia Fuscata 'Banana Shrub' so I went to look it up. It's beautiful. I love the Variegated Confederate Jasmine after it sees some sunshine.

Jon said...

Kate, Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. Some modern botanists now call "Magnolia fuscata" as "Michelia figo" but either way down South it is called the "Banana Shrub" because when it blooms in May the strong fragrance is exactly like very ripe bananas...just delicious to smell. The little flowers are a pale yellow and interesting.
Jon on 3-5-08

Annie in Austin said...

My young banana shrub is showing fuzzy buds too, Jon - it was a plant I'd read about in many a Southern garden book, and I was thrilled to see them growing in down here.
I love that purple Pansy-cabbage combination!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

jodi said...

Oh, these did my heart a world of good. We're a long way from anything blooming here, but I've decided that I'm really okay with that because I'm happily enjoying those of you who are having spring already.

Sandra said...

Love the banana shrub. I grew up with one just outside the family room window in my home in Mobile. It was as tall as the house!! Smelled beautifully of bananas. I have unsucessfully tried to locate one in town to purchase. Found a few online, but they say the buds are cream colored and I remember them being (light) yellow. Do you think these would be the same plant?

Jon said...

Sandra, I have read about about another variety of Banana Shrub with the cream colored blooms which said they are not as fragrant as the light yellow variety I have which has an intense fragrance permeating my backyard. I found mine in a nursery in Pontchatoula, LA along with some baby sweet olives. I love old-fashioned fragrant shrubs which remind me of my childhood home. Thanks for dropping by by blog. Jon on 7-5-08

Anonymous said...

I have a confederate jasmine' can you trim it back is really tall.and should use a trim.

from calhoun 'la.