Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crotons and Philodendrons on 8-29-09

Left mouse click on the pictures to view them full screen size.


racheld said...

What a lovely present to find a new post from you!!

I hope all is well there---your plants are gorgeous.

Our philos are all outside for the Summer, and the biggest has crept way down off the pedestal, and has grabbed a very firm hold every inch for several feet across the hosta bed below. I dread having to uproot (literally) its happy little haven when the cold comes.

When they do this, I always think of that scene in Desk Set when she threatens the new computer with a long loop of her own philodendron---Pour in all the plant food and aim it at EMMY!!

Nell Jean said...

I've never grown crotons -- maybe because I'm never sure which is a croton and which is croutons and the pronounciation of each. Your post has set me thinking I might need crotons next year. I saw a picture elsewhere in which there were lots of yellow and bright orange flowers in front of a row or crotons. Yep, I think I definitely need crotons. I bought an Emerald philodendron recently, and a white anthurium. A body just can't have too many tropicals.

Southern Lady said...

Hi, Jon ... I hope this finds you doing well.

I love crotons, especially in the fall. Yours are beautiful.

guild-rez said...

Beautiful pictures..thinking about to get a croton plant for my livingroom. I am not sure how much sunlight the plant needs to grow.
Any suggestions?