Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hedychium Coccineum "Apricot Ginger Lily"

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Not fragrant this year as usual. I don't know why.


racheld said...

The colors, the colors!! Just the pumpkinny-peach of a perfect persimmon. (help stamp out alliteracy!)

These are just stunning, and remind me of one of the most memorable wedding receptions I've ever seen. The bride's younger brother forced hundreds of this shade of tulip bulbs in his greenhouse and transported them to MS in January in a hired BIG truck to make an entire wall of color behind the bride's table. It reached the ceiling and was WAY wide.

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful close-of-Summer!!


Jan said...

Love that color! I have found a few of my flowers were not as fragrant this year as in the past. It has been a strange year.

Always Growing

Southern Lady said...

What a beautiful -- and unusual -- plant, even if it's not as fragrant.

I'd love to see a picture of all of your garden sometime, Jon. I know it's gorgeous.

guild-rez said...

Very pretty and lovely flower!
A beautiful and colourful
tropical plant.
Thank you for sharing,

Halcyon said...

They're still beautiful though. You really do have a green thumb!

Jean said...

Yum, that's gorgeous! I've never tried gingers. Do they like lots of water? Not that that's been much of a problem lately!

racheld said...

Hey, Kiddo,

I hope you're doing well and enjoying this lovely Fall weather. It's been raining here, with the leaves not in their turning yet, so a little bit drab, and so cool that I was surprised to see a post from Janie about "as soon as the defoliant has a chance to work." It seems that everything should be turning loose and hitting the ground already.

I forget how much difference a few states' distance makes.

I hope you feel up to posting again soon---your long absence has kindled my Mother Hen gene, so I have to keep checking on all my chicks to see that they're OK.

Enjoy October!!


Barbara said...

There is also a hedychium coccineum growing in a pot here. But I do not know the exact name. It's a real yellow sort with a strong fragrance (every year!). I like the colour of yours, it deserves the name "apricot" :-) !!
Have a good time!