Monday, August 06, 2007

Magnolia Seedpod or Seed Cone

Birds must eat and pass these bright red seeds before they can sprout.


Lee said...

Beautiful sight. I enjoy visiting it every week. And, by the way, I know how old you really are!
"Little" Bubba

RUTH said...

I've never actually seen a Magnolia seed pod although I see plenty of them in flower. What an interesting plant/bird relationship.

Jon said...

Little Bubba, Great to read your comment! E-mail me direct at and bring me up-to-date on yourself. Thanks for dropping by my blog for a "visit".

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Jon,

Thank you for leaving the comment on my Henry Mitchell post - I've been having fun browsing through your wonderful photos! I noticed that we have quite a few plants in common - although my yellow Brugmansia is not quite open.

One of my favorite HM quotes is this - " If your country is the Mississippi Valley, on the other hand, you think there should be vines in the trees, alligators in the pond and night jasmines around he horse trough."

I'm originally from Illinois, not the Mississippi Valley, and we don't have alligators in Austin, Texas, but I do have passion vines growing up an old crepe myrtle, and night-blooming jasmine near the back door.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose