Monday, January 28, 2008

Spring Catalogs And Decisions, Decisions To Make

Stacks of spring nursery and garden catalogs have arrived and I am making my lists and checking them twice. Being a plantaholic with OCD these are dangerous temptations for me. I want almost everything I see, but, alas, I know I must show restraint as I have run out of space in our small cottage garden. However, I enjoy pipe dreams on cold winter days looking through all these catalogs and in my mind's eye I can see lots of good ideas for spring and summer flower beds.


kate said...

Yikes - I'd be in trouble if I had so many catalogues to thumb through. I'd be ordering way more than I should. It is fun though, to think about how good it would be to try out something new or different!

Phillip said...

Lots of fun, huh? I'm not familiar with that Roots and Rhizomes catalog - where can I get that (like I really need it?)

Anonymous said...

So many plants to choose from and so little time!