Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garden Walkabout Random Slideshow


Kelli@SassySouthernMom said...

Love the slideshow. Are these all from your garden? What beautiful blooms and foilage. I dread the cooler weather that's just right around the corner. Thanks for sharing!--Kelli

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Jon,
Your slideshow is wonderful. Your garden has so many different kinds of foliage!

Kelli, in the comment above, is my daughter!
Have a great day,

ForeverMe said...

Your garden pictures are beautiful Jon! I love the slideshow too! I'm going to click on it and see if I can make one for my blog! I'm afraid the heat has been getting my flowers! They started out wonderfully but we've been away a lot and they haven't gotten the watering and care they needed. :( Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your pictures! I love flowers and plants!

Jon said...

I thank y'all for dropping by my blog and the nice compliments. Yes, Kelli, all the pictures were taken by me of the plants in my garden early this morning. I decided to put 20 snapshots into a slideshow rather than just posting them one-by-one.


John Leek said...

An answer to your question:

I hope that is helpful.

Cookie Sunshine said...

This is so inviting.

Anonymous said...

I liked this slideshow and also the shows at the bottom. Nice touch on your blog to include them.

Anonymous said...

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