Friday, August 01, 2008

Yucca 'Color Guard' Stringy Swords

The center sword-like leaves of this wonderful variegated yucca have strange stringy strands that curl off the sides. This plant has plenty of personality and I love it.


chuck b. said...

I have this one too. Alas, yours has more stringiness than mine.

thelarix said...

So, I was searching on Yucca 'Color Guard' and 'Garland Gold' to compare the two (I know I have one of them) and came upon both your page and this one:'Garland%20Gold'.html

I noticed that they have the exact same image (note the location of the filaments). Although I saw that you have put the contents of your blog in public domain (back in 2008, even?), I thought you'd appreciate knowing that the photo they have actually has a 2010 copyright with THEIR name on it. Interesting, eh?

Best wishes.