Saturday, November 01, 2008

Alternanthera 'Party Time' Pleases People

Photobucket I could not say no to this striking and exotic tropical plant that called out to me by my first name as I browsed in a nursery. It was all alone (perhaps due to its price tag) and it double-wowed me with its multicolored leaves that almost seem unreal. I had seen and read about this new release in catalogs and had added it to my "gotta have" list earlier this year. Alas, I am a hopeless plantaholic....I want 'em ALL, and I want 'em NOW....especially when it comes to variegated plants.


Vix said...

I confess, I too am a plantaholic. I also saw this plant a couple of years ago at a church bazaar and immediately scooped it up. Been loving it ever since.

Jean said...

One of my favs, alternanthera. The red in fall is really spectacular. It's borderline perennial here, so I always have little cuttings tucked about, just in case.

My new fav is the chartreuse. I have two 'nosegays' of the red and the chartreuse rooted in water. It is a really tough plant.

jessica said...

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