Monday, February 16, 2009

Does Hebe Give You The Heebie Jeebies?

These are some photos I took of the lovely Bloom Fountain in Vicksburg. It was installed in 1927 near the city rose garden thanks to a bequest of $6,500 in the will of Louis Bloom. The statue is of Hebe, the Greek goddess who personified the eternal beauty of youth. (Is this Vicksburg's "Fountain of Youth"?) Hebe is pronounced correctly two ways: "Hebe" as in "Hebrew" or "Heebie" as in "Heebie Jeebies". Hebe was the cup bearer of the Greek gods on Mt. Olympus serving them ambrosia carried in her pitcher from the cup in her hand at their heavenly feasts. (However only plain water drips from the cup in her hand at this fountain.) In addition, Hebe was the patron goddess of young brides and also the attendant of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. TMI I know but I like trivia. Some people who stare at Hebe's face of the Bloom Fountain statue think her eyes and expression are strange which makes some viewers nervous thus giving them the "Heebie Jeebies". Personally I like her serene gaze. What do you think?


Southern Lady said...

Those are beautiful photos of Hebe, Jon ... I think she's an elegant lady and I love photographing her, too. I didn't know her "history," and appreciate you sharing her with us.

I'd also like thank you for sharing the sweet and inspiring story about the lady whose life was influenced by your kindness and encouraging words when she was a little girl.

I'm so glad she had the opportunity to let you know the profound effect you had on her life. It is such a heartwarming and inspiring story, and a beautiful testament of the power of a simple compliment or encouraging words.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Jon,
That is a beautiful photograph! I enjoyed the story too. Next time I'm in Vicksburg I may look her up!

Also, your photo in the post below is awesome!

racheld said...

No, she doesn't---just a pang of sympathy for the faceful of longing to press her dry lips to that small cup.

Frances said...

Hi Jon, thanks so much for showing this. I know the plant Hebe, and wish I could grow it here, but did not know anything about the goddess. How wonderful that someone gave money for that statue to be placed in town. Something that will last a long time and give pleasure to so many. I find Hebe enchanting and her gaze compelling. :-)

chuck b. said...

Yeah, I thought we were going to talk about the plant Hebe too. Funny! I think it's a beautiful statue and I would be thrilled to have it in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures,,,
Thanks for the cute pictures..

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