Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Farewell To Fall..Autumn Leaves Video Sung By Eva Cassidy

The strong thunderstorms that swept through this part of Mississippi today have stripped almost all of the fall leaves off. Due to strange climate patterns and irregular rainfall this year our fall colors here were rather disappointing. This song, "Autumn Leaves", is one of my favorites and is sung by the late, great Eva Cassidy who had a purity of voice very rare and beautiful. Turn on your speakers and click the arrow. Enjoy!


Southern Lady said...

Magnificent pictures, Jon ... and that is the most poignant rendition of "Autumn Leaves" I've ever heard.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us.



Barbara said...

Indeed a wonderful song with a wonderful voice! I enjoyed listening to it, Jon.
I wish you and your family a blessed holiday season and all the very best for the coming new year. May health stay with you! Have a good time,

Norma said...

Thank you--one of my favorites--but I'd never heard that one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us.. Nice blog..

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