Friday, January 16, 2009

A Bit Of Color In My Frozen January Garden

Many years ago I bought several dozen of these colorful handblown glass fruits and vegetables to fill up an old, ugly cracked bird bath (which would never hold water) for a punch of color in a dark out-of-the-way corner. Truth be told, it is a tacky sight except on dreary and cold days in today...when my garden looks dull and dead and frozen solid at 25 degrees. I am amazed at how bright these colors have remained after all these years of exposure to the ravages of weather. When people see this mound of color they can't resist asking what it is and my answer is simply: "A bright spot just for January". Left click on this photo to see the small details.


racheld said...

I have a dozen of those tomatoes!!

What a wonderful idea---I'd only used them in Summer, maybe on an outdoor buffet, or marching down a salad bar.

Your originality knows no bounds.

Philip Bewley said...

I think these are beautiful! so colorful!

racheld said...


Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog today. The entire last ten days or so were inspired by your posting of "A Christmas Memory," as well as by the picture of Capote and his Aunt Sook.

They just captured my memories, and a great flow of words about family and forebears just poured out, to about ten posts' worth, so far.

I appreciate your kindness, and hope you'll look in again sometime.


Annie in Austin said...

The glass produce looks more fun than tacky to me, Jon ;-]

Your squirrels must be more laid back - mine would have tossed the fragile ornaments over their shoulders as they dug around in the birdbath.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Jon, thanks for stopping by Robin's Nesting Place today!

The splash of colors would certainly brighten up a gray day in January! They look incredibly good to have been out in the elements.

Halcyon said...

Pretty! It's nice to have some color this time of year - whereever it may come from.

racheld said...


I cannot seem to find another way to send my thanks for your kind words in "Lawn Tea," and for the honor of having it listed in your FAVORITES roster!!

I AM in the Heartland now, having moved from the South some twenty years ago, but will be forever FROM it and OF it.

rachel, a pretty good rock-chucker and diamond-finder herself

Jan said...

I think these are perfect for January when everything can be rather bland. Every garden needs a little flair.

Always Growing

jodi said...

I had to look several times; I thought this picture was a painting, first, or a photoshopped photograph of real fruit/veggies. I like them; they appeal to my quirky sense of humour, for sure, and they would cheer up a winter garden (unless covered with snow, like mine).

Barbara said...

If I found such beautiful glass fruits/vegetables here, I would buy them immediately. They are indeed a bright spot in this more or less dull and frozen month.

Anonymous said...

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