Sunday, January 11, 2009

Memo To Myself: Stop Whining and Think Spring!

During these difficult and troubling times politically and economically and aggravated by the short and dreary days of winter we must all stop whining. Times are bad and likely to get worse. Life is not perfect now and never has been and probably never will be. SOMETHING is better than NOTHING and we should be grateful for whatever positives there are in our lives and focus on them, not the negatives. Whining never solved any problems and often we find our conversations spiraling down into a "pity party". Whining is contagious, negative, tiresome and self-defeating. Let's remove the IF's and BUT's from our minds and conversations and get out of the "too...too" rut syndrome of "too cold, too wet, too hard, too expensive, too...too ad nauseum, etc., etc. Better and longer days of sunshine are just ahead so let's just shut up with the whining and THINK SPRING!


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