Saturday, January 31, 2009

Swiss Chard "Bright Lights": Stained Glass In The Sun

I love how some plants glow and shine like stained glass when backlit by the morning or afternoon sun. On this frosty morning my young Swiss Chard "Bright Lights" put on a nice show and got my day started off with a smile. Left double click on the photos to enlarge and see the details close up. Some have asked me if I eat my Swiss chard, ornamental kale, and cabbage plants, and I explain that I grow them only as ornamentals, but if they are hungry, they are welcome to pick some leaves to take home for supper.


Magnolia Memories08 said...

Oh gosh someone so close to me. I live in Meridian.First time to visit your blog.Gosh it is
so warm and it just gives you a real warm feeling. I have added to you my blog roll.Vicksburg is really got alot going on.
Please visit soon.

Aiyana said...

Your photos are beautiful! This is why I like to take photos in the late afternoon. Morning?--forget it!

Steve Buser said...

good technique,Jon -- your description of them as "stained glass" is right on.

Steve Buser said...

Hey Jon, I started using a Firefox add in called ScribeFire. I also made a few tweaks to the template in blogger. email me at and Ill tell you what I did. I don't claim it is the best workout, but it works for me.

Frances said...

Hi Jon, oh how I love the bright swiss chard. Some years it has stayed pretty all winter, but not this one. I have seeds started in the sunroom/greenhouse though. It is the easiest thing to start from seed that I grow! I really love that orange stemmed one, but have not found seed for just that color, only red and the yellow, which I am trying this year as an ornamental for design purposes. It won't offer those photo ops like the reds though. Hmmm, better sow a couple of reds just for the blog! HA And yes to thinking spring!

Anonymous said...

How I envy you your chard -- my favorite green. :) They really are spectacular colors and capture the light beautifully. Enjoy!

lola said...

Looks like my chard did. So far it has survived this cold weather. 31ยบ at 8:30 this a.m. This is the first time for me to try the chard. It has a lovely taste--almost like spinach but a bit sweeter. I have seed for the white so will try that next.

Phillip said...

What a beautiful colorful plant - believe it or not, I don't think I've ever eaten any.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Jon,

Nice pictures, love those colors. I finally got to visit Mississippi and found it friendly and beautiful. We stopped to see friends in Florence (outside of Jackson). I got to see all the neighbor's garden as well as the house that I was visiting. It was quite cold and everyone braved the wind to show us around. You are lucky to garden there.

About your think spring post, Phil saw his shadow and that is bad news for us New Englanders. But then again what does he know, he is just a varmit :lol

racheld said...

This is just the eye-feast we need today---Chris is out running the snow-blower, and comes in looking like a Frosty/Michelin love child. It's blowing and it's cold and damp and you have FLOWERS!!! And GREENS!!! The words Luminous and Glowing just don't do justice.

The new BIG of it---that's just frosting on this snowy day.

Naturwanderer said...

My english is not so good, but I will say to you, I like your photos it is beautiful. The light play with the colour and gives the photos an special expression. You have a good technique an a good camera, Jon.
My passion is, take photos from the nature look in my blog.

Anonymous said...

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