Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gold Heart Ivy After The Rain on 7-21-7

I love all variegated plants and this gold and green ivy gives me much joy. It is particularly beautiful in the dead of winter


Skittles said...

I always pay a reciprocal visit when I get such a nice comment as the one you left. :)

You evidently have a green thumb and all the pictures are lovely. (I scrolled.)

But what really caught my eye was the Vicksburg stuff on your sidebar. It's one of me and hubby's "going to go there" places. Shilo, too.

Matty said...

Absolutely lovely! You must have 2 green thumbs. Living in Canada, I do love to see the wild canaries and hummingbirds at their feeders and enjoy taking a lot of photos' of them. Now if only I could learn to garden!
Thanks for dropping by! and have a great week!