Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Lemons Getting Fat and Happy

My two small Meyer Improved Lemon Trees are going to have a decent crop of fruit this year. Here is a shot of 3 of the babies getting fat and happy. These lemons get very large and are quite sweet and will make wonderful lemonade and Whiskey Sours in the fall.


Ginger said...

do you keep these in pots and bring them inside in the winter?


Jon said...

Hi Ginger,
Yes, I grow these lemon trees in huge pots on the west side of my house. They are too big and heavy to bring inside in winter. Here in Zone 8 they have some leaves killed off by cold, but do just fine the following spring. I drape a blanket over their tops only when record low temps are in the forecast. Works just fine.
Jon on 8-5-08