Friday, July 11, 2008

Nelumbo: Lotus "Mrs. Perry Slocum"

From every angle lotus blossoms are beautiful. I also love the interesting seed pods they make which are nice in dried arrangements.


Katherinellen said...

Beautiful Flowers!! I found you through Diane blog. I am from Laurel, Mississippi. Love your blogs. Amazing~ I have visited Vickburg twice. We stayed at Oak Grove Plantations. It is goergious there. We went to the Vickburg National Milittary state Park. My Great Grandfather fought in the war. He was a chaplian(minister for the soldiers) I was not sure if I spell the word ritht. So, I love your blogs....You have put so much wonderful things about our beautiful State. Thank you for sharing the Beautiful Mississippi State. You have a Blessful Day!

PJ said...

I just wandered over from another site. Your flowers are beautiful. But what's more impressive is that you KNOW so much about them!!! I love flowers...they're pretty...they smell good...some like to die on me!!! I finally learned to satisfy my inner gardener by doing container gradens...those grow. But I just get whatever I like and put them together. You are so.....KNOWLEDGEABLE!! I'll come back and read more later.