Saturday, July 12, 2008

Manihot Esculenta "Variegata"....Variegated Tapioca Plant

This wonderful plant has always won the Gold Medal in my garden Olympics. I first grew it 40 years ago in my garden in Vientiane, Laos, and I have loved it ever since. It is a traffic-stopping plant people beg to have a cutting of. It is absolutely my favorite plant of all time and if a hurricane came I would evacuate with it, my two dogs, and other valuables! Left double click this photo to see the amazing details of its variegated leaves and their red stems. The nasty and disgusting (to me) dessert tapioca pudding is made from the tubers of the common green-leaf form of this plant.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Is this plant a perennial for you? I have seen it around here but not too often. I am glad you have your evacuation priorities straight :lol:

Thanks for inviting me over. I enjoyed my visit.

guild-rez said...

What a wonderful plant.
But the first question I always ask; will it grow in Canada?
Found more information about the manihot plant here:
You have a wonderful Blog and I'll watch your new postings on my "Blog List".
- Cheers.

Katherinellen said...

You have such a beautiful garden. You should join the Bloomin Tuesday. I hope you don't mind me to introduce your blog on my blog for other bloggers to see your beautiful flowers. You have a wonderful day.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thanks for stopping by Robin's Nesting Place and leaving such a nice a comment. It had obviously been a while since I stopped in to check on you. I'm so very glad to know that your back to posting!

Steve Buser said...

jon -- thanks for stopping by

I couldn't make it back to your blog because you don't have the link turned on your user profile. (When I click on "jon said" in your comments it takes me to your profile, but there is no link in profile to your blog. Easy to set Sign in and go to customize, then look for "Add your blog to our listings?" at the very end of that paragraph is a link to turn on the show-your-blog feature.

Southern Lady said...

Jon, I sincerely appreciate the gracious notes you left for me at "Southern Lagniappe."

I always enjoy the beautiful photos of your gardens, and your "tapioca plant" is exceptional. I love the contrast between the red stems and variegated leaves, and can see why it would be among the valuables you would rescue from a hurricane.

It's always a pleasure visiting your lovely "Mississippi Garden."