Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grammatophyllum Scriptum Orchid In Bloom

Two pictures my cousin Hunter sent to share of his huge G.S. orchid now in bloom in his tropical "Garden of Eden" at his home in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is what a guy with 10 green fingers gets as a reward!


Rosemarie said...

Dear Jon, What a surprise to find such a beautiful specimen of Grammatophyllum scriptum var citrinum, i was looking to see what my order would look like from Hawaii.... I am an ardent orchid grower from Ghana/West Africa and have already a grammatophyllum from Thailand as well as Hawaii.... my friends (orchid mad hatters like me) have some as well as I bought 50 small plants two years ago... NOW with YOUR picture we will order MORE!!!
Thanks for sharing this beautiful specimen!!!
Happy Orchids growing
Rosemarie Anoff

Rosemarie said...

PS: my garden is called Demeter's Garden.....