Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tropical Plants and Flowers in my cousin's Florida Garden

Please left double click this photo and all the pictures in the posts below to see the incredible and beautiful details of these blooms and foliage. All of these were taken in my first cousin Hunter's Eden-like garden in St. Petersburg, Florida. Enjoy!


Jan said...

So glad you are back to posting. Your cousin has a wonderful garden. Thanks for sharing photos of it.

Always Growing

Phillip said...

It is so good to see you back! The plants in Florida are incredible, aren't they? The photos are great. Hope you are getting better!

Anonymous said...

Magical and magnificent! What is the name of this flower or orchid or whatever it is?

Eve said...

I need to borrow your first cousin. I can't take pics worthy of flowers at all. Those are beautiful.

You have been tagged. Please visit my blog if you would like to play along ;)

Or just come for a vist.

Eve said...

Those are incredible plants. I put a link on my blog so those who read my blog can see them. I love the first one a lot, but they are all awesome. I too, live in MS.