Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Half Hardy Hibiscus

I thought I had lost my pair of variegated Chinese Cooper hibiscus this winter, but they are finally growing back and putting out their interesting leaves of green, white, and pink. The hotter it gets the happier and prettier they become. It is 99 degrees today so they are jumping with joy. Sun and heat make their green leaves become variegated. By late summer they should be in their full glory and putting out bright red flowers, which are really insignificant amidst their showy foliage.

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Barbara said...

There is also a new variegated hibiscus growing in our garden. It is still a tiny plant and I hope, it will survive winter here. It's a new sort of the hibiscus syracus. It isn't the same plant as yours, I know, but I think they both belong to the same botanic family.