Monday, July 21, 2008

Water Hyacinth...Pretty Pet Plant Or Pest?

Some states have banned importing or selling this extremely invasive floating water plant, and most fishermen hate it because it clogs their lines and hinders navigation. In my water gardens it grows and multiplies so fast I have to continually pull out thickets of it to keep it under control. Its roots are wonderful filters and keep the water clear, and when it sends up flower stalks like the one in this photo, I enjoy it.


Anne Fannie said...

Hi, I found your blog through another's. I just bought Water Hyancinth today at Home Depot. I have a Koi pond and I have the hardest time finding these plants. I try buying from people on ebay and the internet and they tell me they cannot ship to California. Boy was I surprised today when I saw them at Home Depot?? I bought 4 very healthy plants! I love them and I think their flower is beautiful! I hope they live a long life in my pond!!
Love, Ann

Steve Buser said...

Since I don't have a garden, you are providing me with a virtual one. And a lot better one than I ever had.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful plants.....You and your cousen Hunter have such a beautiful flowers and plants. You must have green hand instead of thumb. LOL Hope you have a great weekends. Kathy